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Aug 24, 2013 6:30pm EDT
the point i was trying to make before the washington redskins have the ball, 10 1/2 minutes, the buffalo bills, 4 1/2 minutes. and there is the pop. >> chick: min griltd with the big hit. >> joe: that's the point now. if you run this up tempo offense, you know, you better stay on. these guys are gassed. you get into the third quarter, get into the fourth quarter, and it's a 10-5 ratio, that's a lot of football being played by the defense. buffalo has 8 first downs. it is a great theory if you can adhere to it but you have to get first downs. >> chick: choice with the carry herewashington redskins may remember him. had he a cuff of coffee here. and three in and three out. with that series, nothing over five yards. they have not tried to go over the field. they have run by david emerson a couple of times. one of the guys is marcus easley, number 81, he has not played a lot. he will probably get some more. >> chick: and the sean powell. powell with the punt of 48 yards. we'll take a timeout here and pat white now back here ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. n
Aug 8, 2013 10:00pm EDT
the run. you see the corners up they want to play man to man like he did in washington and they realize they are going to play bigger receivers so more physical in the secondary. >> picks up a first down. there is a flag. >> illegal hands to the face no. 29 defense. the penalty is declined with the completed pass. first down. >> that's wilson. he just did that off head. there's the shot to the head just can't do it. >> any time you go near somebody's head, you are probably going to get a flag. >> redskins the penalty takes a result of the play and now royster tackled by eight year wimbley six and a half remaining in the third quarter. kirk causes started the game for the redskins. titans then scored two first quarter touch downs chris johnson. redskins tied the hankerson late second quarter. second down and 9. wide receivers screen nick william out of you con his first representation. city of richmond thanks the washington redskins for making richard pond virginia welcomes all fans of the burgundy and gold to visit the new facility and explore the richmond religion. >> the washington re
Aug 6, 2013 4:00am EDT
washington post," the paper battles falling circulation. what does this mean for the business of media? more analysis with bertha coombs from the states. and also, we take the pulse of the solar industry with edward guinness, ceo of guinness alternative energy fund. got any thoughts or comments, please e-mail us, we kick off in the corporate sector. a bit of a sell-off for want of a spin-off. sony shares dropping more than 5% after the japanese firm rejected investor dan loeb's plan to spin off part of its entertainment arm. some losses after the hedge fund said it would keep talking with sony to find more shareholder value. in a letter to third point, the ceo defended keeping full control of the entertainment unit, saying it helped to drive synergies. sony agreed to sharpen its earnings picture when it comes to disclosing movie and music revenues. you said they wouldn't really bend to dan loeb's influence. where does this leave him now? >> well, i think the fact of the matter is that if there is more recognition about the fact that the japanese companies move a lot more
Aug 28, 2013 5:00am PDT
in the united states. >> also, celebrating the beginning of a dream: live in washington, dc, making a milestone in the fight for civi >> covering novato,," sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> today is the 50th anniversary of a watershed moment in our in addition's history. in 1963 a march and a speech by dr. martin luther king jr. led to a quantum leap in civil rights. we are joined from the lincoln memorial in washington, dc, with dead's commemoration. >> today is about the past and the fight. thousands will come here to honor the freedom marchers who stood at the very spot 50 years ago today and will hear a message of the future and hope from the nation's first black president, president obama. >> 50 years ago today, they poured into washington, by the bus loads, a march of tens of thousands, black and white, to the monument of the president would freed the slaves. their signs and voices demanding racial equality. today a celebration of progress at the lincoln memorial and a call to action on new challenges, three american presidents: jimmy carter, bill clinton and barack obama s
Aug 16, 2013 5:00pm EDT
you will have more on this tonight at 6:00. >>> there's more issues for the nsa the washington post reveals new evidence that the agency way spying on more americans.americ the agency admits to breaking privacy rules, they say it's all a mistake. craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter:after receiving an n audit from the nsa from admitted leaker edward snowden, "the washington post" reports, the spy agency overstepped the legal bounds thousands of times. the audit turned up fe 380000 incidents in a year. a that is what happened in washington d.c. as the type graphical errotypograph cal led, 202, instead of 20, which is the international dialing code of egypt. >> reporter: there's those whoth say the illegally gatherey communication is a tiny fraction of the possible numbers. >> yeah, 2007, yeah, that ish, something to be concerned abouto and we should be, but was that a potential, the 100 billion cases. >> reporter: the nsa directoror of compliance wrote a statementt to fox news saying we take eachh report seriously. investigate the matter, addresss the issue, constantly look fo
Aug 6, 2013 7:00am EDT
much the same. this is from "the washington post," this morning. host: another right up this morning in "usa today." taking a look to some of the analysis perceptions on the, shutting down some many diplomatic facilities over a large geographical area "means that officials -- host: for our first half hour this morning we will take your thoughts on security issues in light of this recent announcement, the closing of diplomatic missions, we want to get your thoughts on it as well. again, if you want to give us a call, it is for republicans, 202-585-3881. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for independents, 202-585-3882. you can make your thoughts known to us on twitter this morning and on our facebook page. 25 people posted before the start of the show, some of the thoughts are -- host: some of the ways you can make your thoughts known this morning, the numbers are there on your screen. ed, starting off this morning of the democratic line from cincinnati, ohio. caller: i have a comment now about the previous program with wendy davis. texas clinics. you guys encapsulate it as the legislation
Aug 23, 2013 12:00pm EDT
. .. with the president to announce plans for the march on washington. in support of the civil rights act. >> june 12th, 1963 as everest was returning home for the naacp meeting member byron shot him in his driveway as he was getting out of his car. evers was killed instantly. ♪ ♪ >> randolph and fellow americans , the national urban league is honored to be a participant in this historic occasion. our presence here reflects not only the civil rights communities increasing the awareness of the urban league, but most important it says and i hope what and clear that while intelligence, maturity and strategy dictates a civil rights agency we use different methods and we are all united as never before on the goal of first class citizenship. >> to present to you the moral leader of the nation. i have the pleasure to present to you dr. martin luther king. [applause] i am happy to join with you today what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. [applause] five years ago, a great american in the shadow we stand today signed the emancipation proclamatio
Aug 6, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of getting federal dollars? our viewers know that washington is talking about sequestration, spending cuts, annual spending bills are not getting done. how do you get the money? >> the next to jump in you have on will definitely have an answer for that. >> what do you think? >> it is steadily at the left, a difficult thing to come by these days, federal dollars. thankfully we had the foresight -- and when i say we i don't include myself. leaders before us. the foresight to see the need to build to 50 feet and to authorize 505 feet. they get that accomplished in early 2000. so we are well ahead of the curve. the good thing about it is it is cheaper to dredge year in virginia and then it is virtually anywhere else on the east coast. we have this beautiful area right behind you. a great outlet for the port. very inexpensive for us to build. >> you know, we have soft bottom out here. we are really just picking of sand and relocating it. other ports, new york, for example, it is bad rock. dynamite, explode. move it off. it might be a difference of $40 per cubic square foot to 400. the advantage
Aug 5, 2013 9:00pm PDT
founder of had added a little something called "the washington post" to his portfolio of investments alongside the 10,000-year clock in that mountain in west, texas, and also a company that makes little tiny mobile air bags that are supposed to deploy when they sense that you might be dropping your cell phone. and also and both of which went out of business when he invested in them, when news broke today that the venerable "washington post" was being bought by jeff bezos for $250 million cash, which is less than 1% of what he is worth, does what that means and what you think about that depend more on what you think about the "washington post" as an institution or what you think of jeff bezos as a guy? how much does ownership of news outlets make a difference in the worth of what those news outlets produce? that is becoming a less and less abstract question all the time in our country now because as the news business becomes totally fiscally devalued, frankly, random people can buy even its most esteemed and important pillars for the change rolling ar
Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
, miss bee's child care across the street. >> about 80 homes affected. washington gassies the leak. >> coming up, a warning if you are headed to the skins game, find out why certain bags are no longer allowed. >> a new twist in nsa investigation, find out why a man has the white house answering questions. >> massive wild fire out west tackling the blaze the size of denver, gary? >> big fire. we have clouds, no real showers if you are headed to the game, weather wise no issues. here is what it looks like out there now. it is going to start feeling more like august. we have a first look at your forecast all coming up, stay with us.  >> the unrest continues in egypt nearly a week after a government crack down after oust of president morsi. two dozen security policeman were killed execution style. in all nearly 1,000 people killed between security forces and morsi supporters since last wednesday. there is word tonight that former president hosni mubarak could be released. a final verdict in all of his cases. mubarak and sons accused of embezzling and killing pro
Aug 12, 2013 9:00pm EDT
archives. tomorrow on washington journal, americans protest the reform president -- discuss the repeal the healthcare law for one year. then, he looks at his network latest series, in thing on inequality in the u.s. justices him. after, as manager of education we talked about, and for standards initiative and how it plays into the overall education in the u.s. "washing journal" is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. season two of "first ladies" begins monday, september 9 with a look at the life of roosevelt. encore presentations of season one. each weeknight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, programs on every first lady. during tonight's encore presentation of our "first ladies" program, a story and will answer your questions about julia tyler at span. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> she was not happy her husband had been elected president. she never made it to washington. >> when he resigned, he and his wife and their family moved here to williamsburg. it was here that letitia tyler
FOX Business
Aug 7, 2013 11:00am EDT
in michael, senior political analyst at the washington examiner, a fox news critter, michael, standing up to russia, finally; right? >> well, finally president obama came to office, pledgedded for a reset of relationships with russia. he evidently had the view then that president bush is a texas primitive mindless conservative and adopted cold war abuse and repelled the modern up to date russian. looks like he had something of an education. president bush had a positive impression of putin when he met him as he related to the book "decision points," and clearly changed his minds. it's taken president obama a little longer to do so. dagen: is it a waste of time to go to the g20 summit all together, michael? >> well, is it a waste of time to go to the g20 summit? i've never been to a g20 summit, so i have not -- dagen: for the president. >> it's probably a waste of time. we have, you know, it's an odd collection of countries in here. we got argentina in there as one of the supposedly most developed countries in the world, which is pathetic joke, sorry to say, sorry for the people of argenti
Aug 27, 2013 7:00am EDT
as the international community. here are the lines on the screen. here is the front page of "the washington post" this morning. obama weighing limiting strike on syria. they say the president is wearing a strike syria that would be a limited scope and duration, designed to serve as punishment for serious use of chemical weapons and as a deterrent while keeping the u.s. out of deeper involvement in that country possible war. this according to senior administration officials. the timing of such an attack which would probably last no more than two days and involve -- lawrence cruise missiles and involve see launch cruise is dependent on three factors. completion of an intelligence report assessing syrian government culpability in last week's chemical attack, ongoing consultation with allies in congress, and a determination of the justification under international law. scott wilson joins us by phone now. he is white house bureau chief for the washington post. good morning. insight can you put forth this morning guest: on the administration's thinking it is notbut syria only a matter of if like you a
Aug 25, 2013 9:00pm PDT
it's another high-powered offense. >> you stay in washington, back-to-back there away. and talks second half. >> real quickly, we're running out of time. but as you said, two years ago, maybe you snuck up on people last year. probably not so much this year. september 5th, our first xfinity sunday. thanks for watching. >>> good evening. we've on a special time because of sunday night football. we'll have more on the 49ers game a bit later in this newscast. but, first, more violence in oakland. four people are recovering after being shot in east oakland. two of the victims are children, a 12-year-old girl and an 8-year-old girl. the shooting happened in the middle of the day just before 2:30 this afternoon. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, police are still searching for the suspect or suspects in this case. streets were blocked off as police investigated the incident which left a man, a woman, an 8-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl injured. all have been taken to local hospitals. oakland police was busy at the crime scene but just stop today give us an update on the 12-year-old's c
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
of psychiatric patients at one-way ticket to california. it is thursday, august 22. 5 p.m. in washington dc. while the obama administration is trying to beat its critics to the punch in the wake of the nsa surveillance scandal, they are coming clean, in a way, anyway. and the ruling that came out in 2011 after the electronic frontier foundation filed a request pretty recently. the court lambasted the nsa for illegally collecting as many as 56,000 e-mails from innocent people each year over three years. then the nsa proceeded to misrepresent the size and scope of that collection. john bates road the 2011 october decision said that the government's revelations regarding the acquisition of internet transactions marks the third instance in less than three years in which the government has disclosed a substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope of a major collection program. the secret is out. instead of reporters beating the piÑata, president obama spilled all the candy on the floor presumably so we will get our sugar fix and move on. is it really that simple? i first asked him how all o
Aug 26, 2013 11:00am PDT
up, new arrival. >> we get our first look at the latest attract at the national zoo in washington, dc. >> we will take you back to washington, dc, where president obama is getting set to hand the nation's highest military on, the medal of honor, to staff sergeant ty carter, antioch native >> the governor is meeting with firefighters at the base camp in tuolumne camp and being briefed by a state and federal fire and emergency official, the rim fire having reached 150,000 acres, roughly the size of the city chicago. it is only 15 percent contained. >> we will switch gears and let you have a look at the newest addition at the national zoo in washington, dc. >> the smithsonian which runs the zoo provides this picture of the cub which received a clean bill of health. the panda weighs 4.5 ounces. >> doesn't look like a panda yet but the fur will grow in the next few months. >> thanks for join us. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. a big thank you to my hunky oscar escort, anders. it is millionaire's "countdown to the oscars" week, and we have gone truly h
Aug 28, 2013 4:30am PDT
. >> 50 years ago today that thousands of activists marched on washington and heard martin luther king's i have a dream teach which are commemorated today in the nation's capitol. in 1963 hundreds of thousands descended peacefully on washington to hear king's movie famous speech, the refrain "let freedom ring" will be observed by the ringing of bells at noon, our time. >> perhaps by then the mist and the clouds we have this morning will have dissipated with us this morning. right? >> especially around the bay bridge. we will check with mike for a look at the forecast. >> you drove up into the clouds and ran into the mist. temperatures this morning because of the clouds are up compared to yesterday from one degree in oakland and san francisco and mountain view to five in san jose and santa rosa. we will look at the temperatures, we have 61 if san francisco, and san carlos and oakland and mountain view and live moore and 60 in concord and hayward. 63 in santa rosa and san jose and 65 in antioch, and the north bay and 9 coast are coolest. the next 12 hours we will have mist and fog through 7:
Aug 23, 2013 4:30am PDT
a washington's driver's license. pg&e is out here right now. this is is 101 southbound. so traffic does not seemed to be impacted at this point. everything is off to the shoulder. that is as far as we know. we will keep you updated. live from san rafael i'm tara moriarty. >>> also this morning we are keeping a close eye on the fire from yosemite. that fire has already burned more than 63,000 acres. now firefighters say they are losing ground. claudine wong joins us. >> reporter: over night has been a critical time for these crews. crews have been out all night trying to get ahead of this fire. when cal fire lost talked their crew they were hoping for containment overnight because the fire lays down over night. we should get an update to see if they were able to make fres i want to you you -- the so- called rim fire has tripled in size in the past few days. it's burned more than $63,000 acres. containment has slipped from 5% to 1%. the fire has destroyed two homes and threatening 2500 others. >> it is what it is. yeah. >> are you prepared your home might be gone when you go back? >> yes.
Aug 5, 2013 7:00pm PDT
for the rest of the season, what happens after that we'll just have to wait and see. >> washington ktvu channel 2 news. >>> last year johnny manziel is accusing of accepting thousands of dollars for signing. . the school is investigating and the coach says they'll take a wait attitude before commenting. >>> tomorrow marks the debut of an art racing team in the chal languager races. almost three months after the accident that killed andrew bart simpson. the winner o f the semi finals series going onto face the new zealand team. >>> former 50 cents was in the courtroom today in los angeles. the charges come from an incident of his ex girlfriend and mother of his child reported that he had kicked her during an argument. he's due back in court september 4th. >>> the washington post newspaper is being sold. the paper reports will pay $250 million for the publication. the post is famous on reporting o f the -- the sale is expected to be complete in about 60 days. >>> apple share of the tablets computer market have fallen by half in the past year. apple has 32% of the second quarter market
Aug 23, 2013 5:00am PDT
at 1:00. the chp says the victim is a 30- 35 man from san pablo bay with a washington's driver's license. he was taken to hairing general hospital. the man is driving a work van but authorities don't know where he was headed. the doors to the vehicle are so jammed so these drews are able to search inside for any cruels. mg a is out right now. the van marked the pole straight up over the ground but the fires have remained in tact. no electricity has been caught you have to anyone. right now traffic on highway 101 southbound again near the parkway is flowing very nicely. live from san rafael i'm tara moriarty. >>> this morning -- it has tripled in size in the past few but -- claudine wong joins us now. >> reporter: daybreak is approaching but we still have time for crews to use the dark to get ahead of this thing. the overnight hours are critical when you talk about potential progress. the rim fire has tripled in size. it's burned more than 63,000 acres. containment 5% now down to 1%. the fire has already destroyed two homes and threatening 2500 others. let's talk about strategy
Aug 24, 2013 7:00am PDT
on washington. how organizers say the civil rights battle has changed since martin luther king junior made his i have a dream speech. >> a critical meeting as the united states considers it's next step in syria and what the navy is now doing in that area as tensions rise around the alleged use of chemical weapons. >> first let's go out to the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along there. the highway patrol is clearing a deadly accident right now. that accident has the eastbound on-ramp shut down. we will keep an eye on that for you you're watching mornings on two. goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. . >>> it's a partly cloudy start over south san francisco this morning. temperatures in the upper 50s outside your door >> and we want to show you what's happening now in the nation's capitol. as you can see people gathering there right now, thousands expected to come together for a march on the national mall in washing
Aug 27, 2013 10:00am EDT
and talking about eminent domain. that will do it for this "orning's washington journal next, we will take you live to the national press club where they will be recognizing out going homeland security secretary jenna not a ton of who is stepping down from her position, taking the chair as president of the university of california. live coverage is next on c-span. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] the shift to [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> we are live at the national press club in washington, dc awaiting remarks from out going homeland security department secretary janet napolitano. earlier this summer, she announced she would be stepping down from her cap in a position to become president of the university of california system which includes ucla and the university of california berkeley among other campuses this is. we are expecting her in a moment. >> ladies and gentlemen, we will start into moments of silence all cell phones and anything that makes noises. we would appreciate it very much, thank you. awaye are just moments from outg
Aug 30, 2013 7:00am PDT
it will not stop colorado or washington state from implementing their laws to legalize marijuana. >> marijuana consumers can really sleep a little easier tonight. >> fast food workers in dozens of american cities walked off the job. >> hold the burgers, hold the fries, make our wages super sized. >> wild weather striking parts of southern california. >> torrential rains caused mudslides and power lines. >> two kittens shut down the new york city subway system for hours. they got away from their owner in brooklyn. >> you just kind of want the nypd to take this guy out of his misery. >> are you kidding me? jeff scott is freak scott. ole miss recaptures the lead. >> and all that matters. >> tonight is our 20th anniversary of being here every night on cbs. i want to be dragged out of here kicking and screaming like they did with regis, that's how i want to go. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i made a record. in i left something here. >> be very careful. >> is there anything i can do anything at all? >> it was the other chair. [ laughter ] >> oh, oh, no. >>> welcome to "cbs this
Aug 20, 2013 7:00am EDT
lawrenson washington d.c., oh ahead. -- lawrence in washington dc. i feel that after supporting the military dictatorship for 30 years, the united states is continuing to give aid to the military. i think many americans misunderstand what the muslim brotherhood is about, they have the mistaken notion it is a terrorist organization. morsi was democratically elected. it was a coup, they did the same thing in honduras. i think it is a sad situation. i am definitely part of that 51%. host: on facebook, here are some thoughts for you -- if you want to post your comments, go to our page. marcel in columbia, south carolina, a republican caller. i am an egyptian american citizen. i have not been in egypt for 10 years. i listen to all the tv and everything. i am a christian. if president obama wants to suspend the aid, that is fine. [indiscernible] on egypt needs is -- egypt originally given to since the 1970s. the egyptian was that egypt keeps the treaty. -- the condition was that egypt keeps the treaty. i think it would be fine with egyptians. a two.ot -- a coup. 50 3 million people went to the str
Aug 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
th anniversary of the historic march on washington. >> this is not the time for nostalgic commemoration. nor is this the time for self- congratulatory celebration. the task is not done. the journey is not complete. >> some of those in the crowd had attended the march 50 years ago. the actual anniversary is wednesday. president obama will make a speech from the same spot where reverend king gave his historic speech. there were similar anniversary celebrations around the country today. including a march in san jose. one woman who was at the original march in washington. >> reporter: at st. james park in san jose. >> keep hope alive. >> reporter: a rich mix of people from all over the bay area united to address civil rights issues five decades after the historic march on washington. >> i mix african-american heritage as well as german. >> reporter: michelle wasn't even born at time of the original march. >> i think it was important for me to be here because if there was no movement like this there would be no me. there would be no my children and so on. >> reporter: it gave w
Aug 6, 2013 5:00pm EDT
in washington so that is the topic we will be addressing coming up next with two members of congress bobby scott at and scott rigell both of virginia republican and democrat. we will keep taking your phonecalls. rodney oliver and jeff wassmer for having c-span here at the port of virginia for welcoming us in working with us to make this happen so viewers can understand a little bit more about how ports work in this country so appreciate your time. thanks again. >> guest: thank you. >> guest: thank you. >> host: we are back live from the port of virginia in norfolk virginia where there are 35 ships a week that come to call at this port alone. 350,000 jobs supported a support in this area and an economic impact annually a 41 to $43 billion. we have two members of congress here with us, scott rigell republican of virginia representing the second district and bobby scott democrat of virginia representing the third district. gentlemen thank you both for being here. appreciate your time here this morning. it's obvious that the port is a big economic impact and important for the state of virginia but s
Aug 13, 2013 12:00am EDT
was a new york state senator. they were in washington frequently for the social seasons. and she was wp>> he known at t white house and was well known to the daughters of the tylers wasaugven known to come over no just for the parties but do thin tr like quiet ncomes of whisk. so the family knew her quite well. she was quite bel.tin' he and quite rambunctious and was very well educated both here and in eher t so it made her quite -- quite a troubling woman to be around. >> and she quickly caught the widow president's eye. >> she quicetty ca itshe i the widow president's eyes. this moved shockingly quicetty. >> when we have to establish the difference in age between the tino. >> yes. julia gardiner is 30 years almost exactly younger i was nd wa you c tyler and so when they got married, she was 24 and he was 54. >> one of the amazing thin at that point somebody looked over and they're passing mt. vernon. so the request was changed to stop the ship and fire the gun in honor of our first president. they couldn't turn that down. but when the ship did face downstream the gunner fired the can
Aug 25, 2013 8:30am PDT
francisco party. >> the i have a dream speech then and now 50 years after the march on washington our insiders talk about what progress has been made. >> we have your complete weather forecast coming up as well. it is 8:30 august 25th, thanks for joining us. >> we've got a lot of news to cover in our next hour. we're going to be talking with city attorney here in san francisco about nevada and its practice of dumping mentally ill patients on unexpected -- suspected cities gov giving them a number. first we have developing news. >> well, that is at starting at san francisco an empty party bus, a trail of blood and shell casing it was a celebration that ended in gunfire in san francisco. you can see the map of the area there on your screen police found an abandoned party bus at about 2:15 this morning. we have some pictures from a viewer taken right after the shooting. investigators didn't find anyone inside the bus they did find bullet casings. the fire -- that's the area about the size of chicago. it's only 7% contained. governor brown meanwhile has declared a state of emergency and n
Aug 21, 2013 9:00pm EDT
, and more conversation coming up on c-span and c-span radio tomorrow morning. on washington journal, a preview of the president's 2 -- dave was to her, and with the cato institute, a report on the rising costs of social security disability insurance, and looking at the future of the lockheed martin lightning two strike fighter program, and then a senior contributor for defense on his article on what the nsa were charged probably looks like, all of that tomorrow morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. on c-span and c-span radio, and tomorrow, a two -- they bus to her, talking about college costs syracuse, newin york, that will be live on c- hall is backe town tomorrow night. we start at 7:00 30 eastern, and education will be the education will be the focus. we hope you join us tomorrow night for c-span townhall. >> season two of first ladies begins monday, september 9 with a look at the life of edith roosevelt. all this month, we show you encore presentations of season one. every weeknight at 9:00 p.m. eastern, tonight it is lucretia garfield. ♪ >> it's only in recent years that a lot of sc
Aug 17, 2013 7:00pm EDT
first lady from martha washington-ida mckinley. >> she was not happy her husband had been elected president. she never made it to washington. >> when he resigned, he and his wife and their family moved here to williamsburg. it was here that letitia tyler suffered a stroke. john tyler learned he was elected as vice president of william perry region william henry harrison. it is here that he became 10th president of the united states, so she learned she became the first lady. >> she had another terrible stroke, and her husband goes into morning, and then he meets another young lovely in her 20's. >> i think of her as the madonna of first ladies. she posed as a model at a time that was frowned upon, by all accounts was bewitching. >> there were 90 slaves, and they were her supervision. julia lobbied for her husband, and she supported him tremendously in everything she did. >> untimely death, a secret marriage, and outsize personality are stories of the women we examined tonight. good evening, and welcome to the season series of first ladies. william henry harrison was in office, and
Aug 9, 2013 11:00pm EDT
that is done, then we go on to act of congress and another guy at "the washington post" and back in the 1970s there was a big difference between then and now it is just that these guys have written. collision 2012 is written and there was a similar writing back in the 2008 campaign. all the guys involved, and that is coming out in august. the other one is through the perilous fight, which is by steve bulger, also someone i used to work with closely. we look back at the six weeks during the war of 1812. >> we saw the movie. two let us know what you are reading this summer. post on her facebook page or send us a twitter tweet or send us e-mail at >> mayor and council chairman, they face each other in one of the most contentious and expensive elections in the recent history. raising nearly $5 million in an attempt to hold onto his seat. and vincent gray race only $2 million. but shortly after he took office in 2011, a candidate for mayor had told "the washington post" that she was paid and promised a job during the election. federal investigators soon discovered that much of b
Aug 25, 2013 10:15am EDT
to washington instead we desperately need engines for the raf, can you make them? he said sure, we can turn out quite a few of those. and he went back, told his father what he had said, and then with an embarrassed face had to to washington that we can do it. because my father will not build any goods or foreign government. he'll make them for america but he will not make them for foreign government. so that border into with chrysler who didn't have the same qualms. the opposition of the war and getting them not only getting into, that was widespread, but even helping the allies was incredibly strong. and roosevelt had to literally walk a tightrope. the first thing he ended up doing, of course was running for president for an unprecedented third term because he did not want to leave the country. and he did not announce by the way that is going to run for the third term until the democratic national convention met in july of 1940. and everybody was playing the will he or won't he? it was the great washington lottery in the spring of 1940. when he finally did inform the convention that he would b
Aug 28, 2013 5:00am PDT
in washington, d.c. where 50 years ago today, dr. martin luther king delivered his speech. preparations are now under way for today's march on washington. president obama will be attending the ceremony. he will be joined by former presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton. obama considers the historic event of 1963 to be a seminal event. he says the anniversary is a time to reflect on how far the country has come and how far it still has to go. a bay area man was there 50 years ago to witness history in the making. >> i knew that this man was going to do something magnificent and that's what he did. >> later this morning, cecil williams tells kpix 5 what it was like to be there and how the speech inspired him to make a difference. >>> well, it's 5:14. let's kick it over to liz and find out what's going on in trafficland. >> not much. it's pretty quiet. we like to hear that because tomorrow could be a different story with the bay bridge close the hopefully people will take a long labor day holiday weekend. if you're causing the golden gate bridge, the big issue is fog. it's soupy this morning hea
Aug 5, 2013 8:00am PDT
jr. memorial in washington, d.c. was ascription read "i drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness," a partial quotation from one of king sermons. here is what king actually said in 1968. >> yes, if you want to say i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace. i was a drum major for righteousness. and all of the other shallow things will not matter. >> critics including put my angelou said the shortened version of kings quotation him appear arrogant. the completed memorial will have group marks in place of the disputed words. it is due to be finished in time for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington, august 28. juliusil rights attorney traber's has died at the age of 76 after a long illness. according to the naacp legal defense fund, chambers was a founding member of the first racially integrated law firm in north carolina who litigated and argued a number of key disaggregation of voting rights cases before the supreme court. the group said in a statement julius chambers died on friday in north carol
Aug 23, 2013 7:00am PDT
the firefighters are struggling to contain the rim fire, there's grim news from washington d.c., with the national forest service has to do to find enough money to fight all the fires now burning across the country. >>> well, the traffic started off not doing very well. there ever been some improvements, we'll tell you where those are and how the bridges look. >>> gray skies out there, and cool temperatures to mild temps, we cooled down yesterday. will we find a little bit warmer forecast. we'll have that for you when we come back. . >>> good morning, welcome back, time 7:13. more than a third of the house republicans in washington say they'd rather cause a government shut down than pay for president obama's health care law. as ktvu's kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. news room, these lawmakers are preparing for fiscal fights this fall. >> reporter: house republicans signed this letter sent to house speaker, john boehner, they say obama care is the reason workers around the country are seeing their hours get cut. mostly tea party backed conservatives want boehner to avoid a budget pla
Aug 7, 2013 8:00pm EDT
the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. 50 years have passed. 50 years have passed since king's voice soared over the washington monuments declaring his dream, i have a dream. it is a dream deeply wounded in the american dream. and yesterday while i was watching president obama's inaugural address i heard echoes of king's speech. i have a dream. and when i turned off my television set, i spent a few minutes reflecting on the question. are all of us, all of us truly welcome to share in this dream, the same dream that dr. king dreamed? most americans i'm sure can recite portions of dr. kings i have a dream speech. it's an extraordinary and very familiar speech. i have are unaccustomed to hearing clips of his speech played over and over, recycled over and over on the radio every january. they're the favorite quotes, the favorite lines and now that i have school-aged children i see how king has explained to them in classrooms. when i was in elementary school there was no martin luther king day. no discussion of his heroism in classrooms but when my children came home from school j
Aug 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the next five days. >>> today, presidents past and present gathered in washington, d.c. to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. it was on this day in 1963, dr. martin luther king shared his dream of the american future. >> when all of god's children, black men, and white men, jews and gentiles, protestants and catholics will be able to join hands. >> more than 2,000 people heard the historic address as they crowded together on the national mall in the sweltering august heat. today's events were rich in historic symbolism, as kraig bosswell reports. >> reporter: bells range out at the let freedom ring commemoration at the exact hour dr. martin luther king jr. delivered his now famous vision. the unforgettable voice paved the way for this moment. president obama, the nation's first black president, spending exactly where dr. king stood, reflecting on the progress and the work that remains. >> no one can match king's brilliance, but the same flame that let the heart of all who were willing to take the first step for justice, i know that flame remains. >> jim crow had a son
Aug 2, 2013 5:00pm PDT
evening, here at dulles airport, west of washington, we found some travelers concerned. you can see why. it's the peak of the summer travel season, fliers -- travelers are leaving from this airport for destinations worldwide and this is a global caution. at washington dulles airport, travelers paid attention to the u.s. government alert about a possible al qaeda attack. >> always be aware of people around you. and i think just a little more heightened at this point. >> reporter: the state department warned travelers the potential for terrorism is particularly strong in the middle east and north africa. that's where u.s. embassies have been ordered closed on sunday, in kabul afghan employees were told not to show up on sunday. congress was notified. >> it is al qaeda-linked. it emanates from the arabian peninsula. >> reporter: that's where yemen is, which is the most active al qaeda organization. it's the end of ramadan, when attacks have come in the past. whether a new alarm has come from an intercept with the nsa or a spy, analysts say it stood out. >> to close multiple embassies shows
Aug 28, 2013 6:00am PDT
francisco appears to have new competition in its bid for the 2024 olympic games. a washington, d.c. d.c. nonprofit announced it's raising money to smithubmit a bid for t summer games.zgh fibe other cities are in the running. >>> hunter pence hit a monster home run yesterday against the rockies. clears the left field stands and slams off the bricks, 476 feet away from home plate. that's the long effort home run of the season in all of major league baseball. the next batter, panda, he goes deep to left center. the first time the giants have hit back-to-back homers this season. >> this is one of the best parts of it. one of the most unique handshakes caught on camera. once back into the dugout, he and pence showed off moves. the fist pump, elbow tap. what follows next, salsa dance. quick, quick, slow. the giants went on to beat the rockies, 5-3. >> that's not first time they've done that. they've had to have practiced. >> there you go. >> 6:27. honoring the dream. how the nation's capital is celebrating 50 years since martin luther king's famous speech. >>> a live look at bay bridge. it
Aug 6, 2013 5:00am PDT
. >> washington, dc, is ordering the evacuation situation of embassy in yemen this morning over fears that al-qaeda could carry out a terrorist attack. the state department is warning all americans to leave the country immediately. the united states intercepted a emergency by al-qaeda of a plan to use vehicle bombs to attack the embassy. officials say other american and western facilities could be targeted. law enforcement officials in the united states remain on high alert and are keeping a close eye on airports and other transportation hubs. >> a rally is held in san jose demanding justice for florida teenager trayvon martin. activists are asking for civil rights charges against george zimmerman acquitted in the killing. the rally will demand justice for the people that are called "victims of a broken justice system." demonstrators calling for an end to gang injunctions, police brutality, and racial profiling. today's rally starts at 4:00 this afternoon at san jose city hall. authors in berkeley tell protesters occupying a historic post office they must vacate or face arrest. a dozen police
Aug 9, 2013 4:30am PDT
covers california, oregon, washington, and nevada. investigators say they have had several reports of his blue nissan. >> a dozen victims of the asiana flight 214 have filed a new lawsuit against both the airline and boeing the maker of the 777 that crashed at sfo. abc7 news reporter spoke with one of the tomorrows. >> by then it is too late. >>the attorney says the lawsuit is the most extensive and detailed explanation of what led up to the crash. >> we have poor training, resource management you have inattention by the pilots and you have inadequate and ineffective warning systems. >> the complaint states that boeing should have updated the 777 with an oral command warning like it did to 737's after a flight crashed under similar circumstances in 2009. >> an oral command is one where words are used, low speed, which immediately captures the attention of the pilot that is in control. >> the suit claims that boeing's planes had faulty auto throttle control system and a retired captain says today's technology is use will but a pilot's first responsibility is the safety of the passengers,
Aug 23, 2013 9:00pm PDT
in the meantime washington national zoo where giant panda gave birth afternoon. seen unfolded open the new panda cam that showed the mom in labor. took 2 hours. it was expected to take nearly 10. if you take a close look there circle you could see the small cub on the floor of the cage. no fur on the little guy yet. this panda third cub. one of hers died last fall but cub born if 2005 survived. >> san francisco new baby gorilla special visitor today. release this photo of the gorilla held by congresswoman spear. she kicked off publicç naming contest for the grill a.zoo taking suggestions through september 17. we have information on our web site. 7 find that under see it on tv if you have a name idea. >> the role of super hero. every morning from monday to saturday this man stands at the entrance to help mother carry the stroller down the fare. works at nearby grocery store ands7 decided to do something after so many complained about access to the train. there he is in action. he said he decided to dress up as character from a popular tv show. because he is shy. >> coming
Aug 6, 2013 8:00am PDT
the washington post, one of the leading newspapers in the country. the founder and chief executive is one of the wealthiest people in the united states. he will pay $250 million for the post and a number of , less than one percent of his wealth, which is estimated at more than 28 billion dollars. he is a friend of donald graham, chief effective of the washington post company, whose family has owned the newspaper for eight decades. over the past the gate, the companies newspaper division a seen a 44% drop in operating revenue. in addition, he will get another -- a number of other washington post owned businesses. the deal does not include or foreign-policy magazine, which are own by the parent company that also owns kaplan and will change its name following the sale of the paper. he said management of the washington post newspaper will remain the same, but it is unclear what changes might be coming. last year, he was quoted in an interview with a german newspapers saying -- the announcement of the purchase by jeff bezos came just days after the boston red sox owner and bil
Aug 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
will never really be put to in washington tom fitzgerald,tza fox 5 >>> kind of a bummer. we had all of this great weather during the workweek and instead of the weekend. >> it's not going to be that t bad. tomorrow is okay, andg then sunday we will have some showers, it kind of depends on where you are sunday as to how h much rain you may, or may not get. i don't think that everybody watching us now gets rain on on sunday. some of you may escape with a dry sunday. su it's a little complicated. we will get to that coming up, and you will look at the way it is now, and it's a break, enjoyo it, i don't think tomorrow it'sr going to be that bad, either. >> upper 70s, lower 80s, s, that is bonus. we're not up around 86, 87, 88 where we would normally be. reagan. and to the east of us, these numbers are -- gaithersburg 75, and dulles 76, and the numbers for the week and the evening hours, and a few clouds, 70, and 76, 2009, 72, and it's at 11:00, and 69, now, sunday showers,owe, yes, but again, not for everybody, it does look like we will stay dry tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow
Aug 23, 2013 4:00pm PDT
in spokane washington following the beating death of an 88-year-old world war ii vet trachblt he survived injury, and died from severe head trauma suffered in that attack bens night. doctors say he was beaten so savagely they cannot stop bleeding. surveillance video captured two teen-aged boys on video. police arrested one of them today. he will be charged with first degree murder and robry. police say he was waiting for a friend because he did not want her to walk in alone. >> president obama the un and now, rushar calling on the syrian government to allow experts to investigate a possible chemical weapons attack. president obama told cnn the u.s. is gathering evidence but signs foint a troubling situation. >> what we've seen indicates this is a big event. we're already in communication was the intire international community moving through to tray to prompt better action from them. and we called on the government to allow an investigation of the site because un inspectors are on the ground right now. >> the government saying they're absolutely baseless. >> north and south korea will allo
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